The second cycle of seminars «Development of the project «Innovative Multidisciplinary Curriculum in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering BSc/MSc Degrees (BIOART)» in VNTU: Signal processing in biomedical engineering.

March 13-15, 2019 in Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) was held a series of training seminars «Development of the project «Innovative multidisciplinary educational program in artificial implants for bio-engineering for bachelor and master» («Innovative Multidisciplinary Curriculum in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering BSc/MSc Degrees») (short project name - BIOART) in the direction «Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering».

Seminars were held at three departments of Vinnytsia National Technical University:

  • Strength of Materials and Applied Mechanics;
  • Biomedical Engineering;
  • Higher Mathematics.

At the seminars, training participants at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM, Spain) (Head of the Institute of Master, Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree Studies, Professor of Materials Strength and Applied Mechanics Department, Doctor of Sciences, Oleksandr Hrushko, Head of the Higher Mathematics Department, Doctor of Sciences, Volodymyr Mihalevich, Prof. of Biomedical Engineering Department, PhD, Serhii Tymchyk) familiarized teachers and students with the BIOART project and made presentations about the materials of the second BIOART seminar «Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering» at UPM. Teachers of the departments of VNTU participating in the BioArt project were provided modern knowledge in the new challenges on the subject of the project.

The teachers of the department considered the following questions:

  • the latest practices of teaching methods for recognizing audiovisual signals of biometric systems and signal processing;
  • genesis of biosignals of the brain, heart, organs of hearing and vision;
  • methods for their measurement, processing, analysis;
  • common in medical practice mathematical apparatus for the analysis of biosignals;
  • technical and mathematical tools for obtaining, processing and analyzing biosignals;
  • physical principles, development methods and options for the practical use of a wide range of sensors in various application areas;
  • characteristics of sensors, which are determined by the conditions of their use;
  • adaptive, intelligent sensors, which are organized into sensor networks, created using modern micro- and nanotechnologies, to ensure a comfortable living environment and effective life activity that is peaceful and safe for humans.

In addition, following the results of the project management meeting, which was held as part of the 2nd BIOART seminar in Madrid, the BioArt team reviewed and amended the project implementation plan.

In particular, planned to conduct a series of workshops on the management of the BioArt project and participate in the international scientific-practical conference «Advanced Treatment of Hip and Knee Pathology» at the Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology prof. M.I. Sitenko of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv) of coordinators and implementers of the BioАrt project.

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