About project

Code: 586114-EPP- 1-2017- 1-ES- EPPKA2-CBHE- JP

Innovative Multidisciplinary Curriculum in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering BSc/MSc Degrees

Project acronym: BIOART

Multi Regional Joint Project

Priority – Bologna process type reforms

Project duration: November 15, 2017 – November14, 2020

EU funding instrument: European Neighbourhood Instrument (Erasmus+: КА2 CBHE)

Erasmus+ (CBHE) grant amount: 999 949 €

Grant holder:
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Avda. Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040 Madrid (Spain), http://www.upm.es
Coordinator and General Manager: Prof. David Luengo
Contacts: тел.: +34 (91) 336-52-17, +34 (68) 619-48-77,
e-mail: david.luengo@upm.es

  • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain)
  • Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (Israel)
  • Zaporizhzhia National Technical University (Ukraine)
  • Cracow University of Technology (Poland)
  • University for Continuing Education – Danube University Krems (Austria)
  • Thomas More Mechelen – Antwerpen vzw (Belgium)
  • Bar Ilan University (Israel)
  • Holon Institute of Technology (Israel)
  • Inter-University Computation Center (Israel)
  • Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology of National Ukrainian (Ukraine) Academy of Medical Sciences (Ukraine)
  • Donbas State Engineering Academy (Ukraine)
  • Vinnytsia National Technical University (Ukraine)
  • State Higher Education Institution «Pryazovskyi State Technical University» (Ukraine)
Project goals and objectives:
  • To prepare highly skilled graduates in Smart Artificial Implants.
  • To increase internationalization and cross-regional level cooperation.
  • To develop knowledge triangle innovation in Artificial Implants design, manufacturing and maintenance.
Specific project objectives are:
  • To Develop a BSc/MSc curriculum in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering.
  • To establish Networking and Joint Cooperation in Artificial Implants Bio-Engineering at cross-regional level.
  • To form the competences and skills necessary for the Labor Market in Artificial Implants Bio-Engineering.
  • Comparative analysis, evaluation, and development of strategic plan.
  • Curriculum development. Core of BSc /MSc degree in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering.
  • Quality Management and Quality Assurance.
  • Establishment of University-Enterprise Collaboration.
  • Project management.
Expected results:
  • Novel curriculum in artificial implants for Bio-Engineers.
  • New competences in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering.
  • Upgraded and novel BIONIC laboratories.
  • Training courses for academic and non-academic staff.
  • Students contest.
  • Networking and Joint Cooperation.

Project coordinator in Ukraine:
Zaporizhzhia National Technical University
Zhukovskogo str., 64, Zaporizhzhia, 69063, Ukraine
tel.:+38 (061) 764-25-06, fax: +38 (061) 764-21-41; e-mail: rector@zntu.edu.ua
Responsible person: prof. Galyna Tabunshchyk
Contacts: tel.: +380 (97) 379-82-76, +380 (61) 769-82-67, e-mail: galina.tabunshchik@gmail.com

Partners from Ukraine:
Donbas State Engineering Academy
Akademichna str., 72, Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, 84313
tel.: +380 (626) 41-69-42, fax: +380626-41-63-15
Responsible person: prof. Oleksandr Tarasov
Contacts: tel.: +380 (50) 472-66-16, e-mail: alexandrtar50@gmail.com

State Higher Education Institution «Pryazovskyi State Technical University»
st. Universytetska, 7, Mariupol, 87555 Ukraine
tel.: +380 (629) 333-416
Responsible person: prof. Oleksandr Azarkhov
Contacts: tel.: +380 (50) 560-13-31, +380 (629) 44-63-98, e-mail: alexazarhov@gmail.com

Vinnytsia National Technical University
Khmelnytske shose, 95, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21021
tel: +380 (432) 560-848, fax: +380 (432) 46-57-72
Responsible person: prof. Oleksandr Hrushko
Contacts: tel.: +380 (97) 484-15-33, e-mail: grushko1alex@gmail.com

Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology of National Ukrainian
Pushkinska str.80, Kharkiv, 61024, Ukraine
e-mail: ipps-nauka@ukr.net
Responsible person: prof. Inga Fedotova
Contacts: tel.: +380 (50) 651-71-79, e-mail: ibolokadze@ukr.net